That Looks A Little Off

"What?" "That." *Points*

29 April 1982
Well, if you've read my interests, then you know what I like to do. So, I suppose the question I'm supposed to answer here is who I am (though most people confuse those two things; many also think what they own equals who they are). SO maybe I can answer that who by answering why (I like those things, that is). I love history because I like to see how much the world has changed, though I really have no interest in the present state of the world (so far as I'm concerned, I think it has already been ruined for a few decades at least). I love fairy tales because I wish they were true. I would rather that Cinderella was a history lesson and the tale of Anne Boleyn were a tale to warn children not to be too greedy or aim to high. Art is probably the biggest thing in my life, namely painting and writing. The funny thing is I have wanted to be an author since I was five and yet I haven't seriously written anything in 2 years. I didn't really seriously want to be an artist until a few years ago, and yet now I am probably exploring it much more vastly than ever before, sketching and reading art book and checking out new artists everyday. I still want to do both, though.

I think the biggest thing in life is to learn in your own way. I can't afford to go to art school and I don't think good writing can be taught. So I read all the time (the library is our friend) and everything I can get my hands on. And I draw or paint as much as I can. And I think whatever you want to do in life, you can teach yourself--it's just a harder way to go...but usually a lot more fun.